Blake Shelton Serenades Gwen Stefani with “Turnin’ Me On”


Blake Shelton is serenading his girlfriend Gwen Stefani in a special moment together and we’re getting a sneak peek. Blake, who has been dating Gwen for 3 years, is seen singing the song “Turnin’ Me On” in the tour bus.

Blake began to write the song about Gwen and turned to some songwriting friends for help finishing the tune.

“I didn’t say I wrote the song about her then,” Blake said when Gwen heard the song. “I just said I wrote the song and then she figured it out. There’s a line that says ‘She’s Revlon red,’ because she’s the Revlon girl.”

Gwen took to Instagram to share the sweet moment with fans and give us a glimpse in their life behind the scenes.

“I’m so grateful 🙏🏻❤️gx,” Gwen wrote on Instagram.

“Pushing my buttons like it ain’t no thing / I’m what she wants, she gets what she wants the neon’s buzzing when she pulls that string / turning me on like it’s her job / sometimes I think she must get off on turnin’ me on, turnin’ me on,” Blake sings to her.

Blake and Gwen were in Nashville to celebrate two of Blake’s No. 1 songs, “I’ll Name the Dogs” and “Every Time I Hear That Song.” Blake revealed that he and Gwen listened to the song over and over before deciding to cut the tune.

“Gwen and I listened to the demo a thousand times,” Blake said of the “I’ll Name the Dogs” hit.

Blake is busy readying Ole Red Gatlinburg for it’s opening in 2019 and was tapped to be the voice of Ox, the Mayor of Uglyville, in the upcoming movie “UglyDolls” with pal Kelly Clarkson.

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I’m so grateful 🙏🏻❤️gx

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