Blake Shelton Hinted At Retirement “REAL Soon” or Did He?

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Blake Shelton is not one for mincing words. If he says something’s happening, it’s happening. So when the “I’ll Name The Dogs” singer posted a note regarding Bruce Arians, head coach for NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, retirement, the internet blew up.

Blake posted the congratulatory tweet Tuesday (Jan. 2) saying “Watching @BruceArians life story NFL channel. Damn proud to call you my friend coach. Enjoy your retirement!!! I’ll be joining you REAL soon brother!!! #hero.”

And that got the Twittersphere buzzing. You can read Blake’s tweet one of two ways. 1. Blake wants Bruce to enjoy his retirement and he’s going to join him “REAL soon” on an outing or a visit or for a beer OR 2. Blake will be joining Bruce in retirement real soon.

Blake supporters took it to mean the latter. The replies to Blake’s comment came in fast and furious. Fans were extremely supportive of the country star, but they made sure he knew that they need him to go on and country music needs him too.

Fans needn’t worry though, because just before Christmas break, Blake and Warner Bros. Records announced that Blake re-signed a new, long-term…hear that, long-term deal with the label. While the details of the contract were not disclosed, label head John Esposito told Billboard, “He re-signed with us to basically end his career here. That’s a long time.”