Lindsay Ell and Bobby Bones Broke Up, Here’s What They Both Said

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After dating for more than a year and being friends for even longer, popular Nashville radio host Bobby Bones and country music singer Lindsay Ell have broken up.

Originally, the couple didn’t want to go public with their relationship because Bones feared it would hurt Ell’s career. He was right. Earlier this year a Sacramento radio station canceled an appearance from Ell because of Bones.

Earlier this week, Bones shared on his show that that situation started putting strain on the relationship. He went on to tell listeners, “I only told Amy a couple days ago. So yeah, it sucks. And here’s why: I’ve been dating Lindsay for over a year. We’ve known each other a few years. We started dating and I was like, ‘We probably should think about this before we date because it could hurt your career. Other radio stations, Spotify, they’re going to hold it against you that you’re dating me. I don’t even know these people but they’re going to hold it against you.’ And they did.”

He also went on to say that he doesn’t feel like something like this could ever happen to a male artist and a few other things, “There was at one point a big controversy that a station in Sacramento wouldn’t let her in the building to play because she was dating me. There were many, many instances of this happening over and over again. It started to put a stress in our relationship to me where I felt it was my fault because she wasn’t able to get anything going. Her whole life she’s tried to make it as an artist. She finally puts out a record and the record goes No. 1 and then radio stations all over the country won’t play it because she’s dating me,It was weird stress that amplified everything else.”

For her part, Ell shared, “Life is hard sometimes…and doesn’t always go the way you want. Love should always win, no matter what. But life isn’t always in our control. This isn’t what I wanted. But thank you for all your love and support over the past few days……you guys make me strong.”