Brad Paisley Took a Catfish to Game 6 and Then Went to Play the Last Night of #CMAFest


The week of CMA Music Festival in Nashville is one of the busiest, craziest weeks of the year. Most artists host their fan club parties during this week and play more than one show throughout the festival. Plus, the CMT Music Awards are that week, too.

This year, the Stanley Cup Finals took place during #CMAFest and the beloved Nashville Predators were playing their last home game of the season during game 6 of the finals during the final night of the fest.

Somehow, Brad Paisley managed to be inside of Bridgestone waving a catfish over his head and make it to Nissan Stadium to play a closing set.

Dedication. He even changed clothes.

Note: Bridgestone Arena and Nissan Stadium are only a mile apart, but close to 50,000 people were in downtown Nashville during the game. Brad must’ve used a helicopter to get to his gig.