Brad Paisley Surprises An Illinois High School With An Inspirational Graduation Concert

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Brad Paisley was not supposed to attend Barrington High School’s graduation. But that’s what made the surprise so memorable. After a brief introduction, Paisley walked on stage, sharing words of wisdom with the graduates and playing “Letter to Me” and “Last Time for Everything.”

The surprise appearance was the result of a competition held by Paisley asking high school seniors, “What ‘Last Time’ are you going to miss about school?”

Barrington’s video caught Paisley’s attention for it’s high quality and ability to have fun.

“You guys look like you’ve got one of the most essential parts of life already down based on the video you made, and that’s you don’t take yourselves too seriously,” Paisley said. “If I could give you advice, it would be that. Make memories and enjoy them. As you go through life, enjoy the moments because they pass so fast.”

Paisley then encouraged the graduates to take advantage of every moment they are given and to endure the difficulties in life while celebrating the highlights.

“Every New Year I like to say, ‘Today is the first page in a 365 page book. Write a good one.’…Some pages will only be worth a few cents. Some will be the highlights of your life. If I’ve learned anything, [the highlights] make up for all the low points and the blasé moments.”