Brad Paisley’s New “Last Time For Everything” is the Coolest Ode the Past (and “Stranger Things” and “Back to the Future”)

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Brad Paisley might be the most nostalgic guy in country music. In his own unique way, of course.

Paisley’s new single, “Last Time for Everything” is a perfect look back at the past without being super cheesy or cliche because Paisley takes universal feelings and moments and made them personal to his experience. It’s the second single off his upcoming
Love and War album and follows the No. 1 single, “Today.”

Using a fake ID at a college bar
Getting caught with a girl in the backseat of a car

Running out on the field for the senior game wearing number 17

There’s a last time for everything

Like a George Strait cassette in a Pontiac

I tell ’em Super Cuts, let’s leave it long in the back

Wearing the tux at a high school gym

And she’s wearing your class ring

There’s a last time for everything


Last call, last chance

Last song, last dance

Sometimes you just don’t know when that’s gonna be

Hold me baby, give me a kiss

Like tonight is all there is

Cause there’s a last time for everything

Throwing the ball with the first dog you ever had

Spending all day on the lake with your grandad

Watching Glenn Frey sing “Already Gone” at the Forum in LA

There’s a last time for everything

Kissing goodbye on her porch and driving away

Introducing her as your fiancee

Getting woke up at 5 am to see if Santa came

There’s a last time for everything

[Verse 5/Outro]

Biscuits and gravy at momma’s house

(Last time for everything)

Spring break on a fold out coach

(Last time for everything)

Little Jimmy on the [?] stage

(Last time for everything)

Hearing Prince sing “Purple Rain”

(Last time for everything)

(Last time for everything)

Paisley says that his new song “is everything I love about music.”

And before you get lost in the music video, which features his wife
Kimberly Williams-Paisley, David Hasselhoff and an ode to “Stranger Things,” Paisley shared the elements of the song that not everyone might pick up on, “It’s nostalgia, there’s guitar playing it’s sort of a bunch of different influences come out. You can hear elements of Van Halen and The Police that I just sort of buried and subtly put in there that kind of represent different eras. There’s humor in it with the mullet aspect of this and this song is everything I love about country music.”

If this song is everything Paisley loves about music, it’s everything we love about Paisley.