[Watch] Brad Paisley Teams Up with Peyton Manning In Hilarious Nationwide Commercials


Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning are getting the band back together for a new series of ads for Nationwide. The insurance company’s latest promo clips include Brad and Peyton brainstorming jingles together and one man is more enthused than the other.

While Brad is used to life on the road as a touring artist, the former football player is clearly cramping his style in three new promos. In one commercial, Peyton calls Brad who is alone at his home studio writing a song by himself. Peyton is standing beside a tour bus outside, telling Brad he needs to hit the road for songwriting inspiration.

“We’re going on the road, man,” Peyton says. “We gotta get some inspiration. Your next Nationwide song is not going to write itself. I’ve already got some ideas too. We gotta get the band back together.”

A clearly frustrated Brad lets the former quarterback know that they were never in a band in the first place but Peyton thinks otherwise.

In another clip, Brad and Peyton walk off the bus to find a young couple getting a quote for bundling car and home insurance. Peyton’s enthusiasm is contagious as he pitches different jingle ideas to Brad.

“See, that’s why we’re a great band!” Peyton exclaims when he and Brad come up with an idea for a mashup jingle about home and car insurance. “We are a band. I’m in a band!”

Another clip, which Brad posted to Twitter, shows the singer adamantly claiming the two are not in a band. Despite Brad’s reluctance, the two make for an entertaining team. Watch the comical video below.

This is far from Brad’s first try at a Nationwide jingle. The singer first appeared in the insurance company’s commercial in 2016 during the NBC Summer Olympics Opening ceremony. He’d follow suit with another ad in 2017 prior to teaming up with Peyton in 2018.