Peyton Manning Coaching Brad Paisley in the Recording Studio is Absolutely Incredible


Watching Peyton Manning play football over the years, I never imagined him to be a funny guy. I also kind of assumed that even though he grew up in New Orleans and went to school in Tennessee that he probably had never heard any music– because when you’re really, really good at one thing, how do you have time for anything else?

Since Manning’s retirement from the NFL we’ve learned that he’s not just funny, he’s hilarious. And he doesn’t just love Kenny Chesney, he loves country music and singing it. (Though he definitely can’t carry a tune the way he can sling a football.)

Manning’s most recent foray into the country music scene comes in the recording studio with Brad Paisley, where he’s trying to coach up the GRAMMY-winning country music superstar to sing the absolute best Nationwide Insurance jingle of all-time.

The Jingle Coach

Producer Extraordinaire

Helicopter Parenting in the Studio


Future Country Music Duo of the Year