Kimberly Williams Paisley Pushes For Love Scene With Tim McGraw In Front of Husband Brad Paisley


In case you missed it, the Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special special delivered a great balance of music and laughter from Music City, but it was a sketch with the whole stellar shebang — Brad, the Jonas Brothers, Peyton Manning, Darius Rucker, Tim McGraw and Brad’s wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley — that brought down the house.

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As with most television shows, Brad held a casting call, but it wasn’t for minor roles. He requested that Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas all come in to read for the part of…Nick Jonas. Yes, Nick auditioned to play himself. However, Darius was also offered the opportunity to read for the part of the popular Jonas brother.

Meanwhile, Peyton, who stands a head taller and weighs a heft more than Brad, randomly showed up to audition for the part of…Brad.

What pushes the train off the rails, though, is when Brad asks his beautiful, young bride to read for the part of…his mother. As mortified as we are that he asked his wife to play his mother, Kimberly is even moreso as she protests vehemently, stating the absurdity of him making such a request and downright refusing, until…

…Tim McGraw shows up. And Tim is auditioning for the part of Brad’s dad.

Game over.

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Giddy with delight, Kim only grows more enthusiastic when she and Tim read the script to discover that their opening scene requires them to make out.

“The kids come home and catch us making out on the kitchen table,” Tim reads.

“Maybe we should do it on the couch,” Kimberly requests. “This’ll be good.”

We don’t blame ya Kimberly! When Brad learns that Kim hand wrote that set-up into the script, he immediately cuts the scene. And Scene.

Brad’s special aired December 3 on ABC. No announcement of a repeat has been made yet, but we’re hopeful.