Brad Paisley Helps Support Farmer’s Family in a Big Way— “We Need More People Like You” [Watch]


Brad Paisley has been very vocal about the essential role that farmers are playing in keeping our country nurtured and healthy as we all redefine “normal” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. But in a recent episode of Amazon Prime’s Regular Heroes docu-series, Brad puts a generous piece of his heart where his mouth is when he has a virtual visit with Kentucky farmer, Daniel Hayden and his wife, Danielle.

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In the Prime video, Daniel explains that because of the pandemic, the farm’s N95 masks have been in short supply. While they are necessary for many medical professionals, they are also an important piece of equipment for farmers who are protecting their lungs from overwhelming amounts of dust that can have longterm effects on their respiratory health. And since one of Daniel’s most important farm hands is his 80-year-old father, running out of the filtered masks puts their legacy in danger.

When the “No I in Beer” singer gifted the Hayden farm with enough masks to get them through the next year, Daniel was obviously appreciative, but it didn’t stop there.

Because the farm had been handed down to Daniel from his father, Brad presented the junior and senior Haydens with custom belt buckles, representing their legacy of farming.

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And speaking of legacies, Brad said that they had also learned that Daniel and Danielle had been experiencing some difficulty in growing their family. So, in the grandest gesture imaginable, the Haydens were offered financial assistance to assist them in their pursuit of fertility treatments, helping to insure the next generation of Hayden farmers. As tears flowed, Brad told the couple, “We need more people like you, so we’re going to try to help you make‘em.”

Way to go Brad and Amazon Prime. We look forward to hearing more about the Hayden family.