Brandi Carlile Pleas For Change Following Mass Shootings— “We Will Only Stop it Together”

Brandi Carlile speaks out about thoughts on mass shootings
Photo by Curtis Hilbun /

It was another deadly weekend in the United States that resulted in the deaths of 22 innocent victims in El Paso, Texas and nine in Dayton, Ohio in separate mass shootings. And while it seems that people are becoming desensitized to the violence, singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile took to social media to plea for change.

In a post on her Instagram page, Brandi shared her thoughts. The first slide in the photo album thoughtfully said, “My heart is stone today. There has to be a conversation between second amendment enthusiasts and people wanting sensible gun reform. We can’t continue to let corporate interests, political overfunding and the NRA (which are the same thing) continue to sow discord and prevent this meeting of minds. It is absolutely imperative that REAL people come together on this issue and stop allowing this impasse to result in inaction.”

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In the next slide, Brandi proposed a solution, “I believe we need a coalition task force NOW. Made up of gun reform advocates and responsible gun owners,” she wrote. “If you try and demonize one or the other in this conversation you’ve taken the bait. Millions of dollars have been spent to make sure you feel that way. We created this problem through division, we will only stop it together.”

Although readers did comment on the post, in the caption Brandi said that they had become “trollish” so they turned them off. She also thanked people for sharing their thoughts and also wanting a solution.

Kacey Musgraves got very real with her audience at Lollapalooza. In video captured and shared on Twitter, she said, “I don’t know what the answer is, but obviously something has to be f——-g done.” She then united the crowd in a chant of, “Somebody f——-g do something.”

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After one fan told the singer-songwriter to “stick to singing” because most of her audience was “packing,” she replied, “Let me be clear – I’m from Texas. I grew up around hunting and guns. There’s a time and place for that and even self protection in ways..but this is different. The system is majorly flawed and NOBODY NEEDS ANYTHING REMOTELY AUTOMATIC. PERIOD. They’re mass killing machines.”

Maren Morris took to Twitter to voice her thoughts on the repeated posts from politicians offering their “thoughts and prayers.” She wrote, “If I see one more politician use their “thoughts & prayers” tweet template they have backburnered for every mass shooting, I’m gonna be sick. We need common sense reform, not 280 meaningless characters. I love you, Texas & Ohio. No one deserves this.”

Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and friends, and all of those affected by these tragic events.