Brandy Clark’s “You’re Drunk” is Your New Favorite Song (or Should Be)


In 20 years, no matter if I’m still running a country music web site or just listening casually, I will still be a fan of Brandy Clark. I will never understand why she isn’t one of the biggest stars in the genre. Or maybe I do understand, which makes it even worse.

Clark’s latest release, “You’re Drunk” falls right in line with the rest of her tunes– it’s my new favorite song. It’s hilarious, sassy, smart as hell and country.

Per most of Clark’s best works, it was co-written with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally. This one is a little bit reggae, if reggae showed up in a Texas honky-tonk.

To my knowledge, this is the first country music song that uses the phrase “drunk as a skunk” in it. And she does it so well.

The tune was originally cut for Clark’s Big Day in a Small Town album, but she told Rolling Stone Country, it just wouldn’t work on the album, “It’s funny, I never took this song seriously if that makes sense,” says Clark. “However, when we went in to cut it, it immediately became a favorite – it just came to life – but, at the time, it just didn’t fit the overall vibe on ‘Big Day.’ . . I remember thinking even then we’d have to find a way to get it out.”