Brantley Gilbert Loves The Second Amendment But You Won’t Find Him Partnering With The NRA Anytime Soon


Brantley Gilbert is huge proponent of gun ownership. He had the Second Amendment inked on his back alongside two enormous pistols. He has been called a “friend” of the NRA multiple times on their social media outlet. But he has intentionally refused to partner with the organization. But this step isn’t hypocrisy or a sign that Gilbert is changing his mind on gun control. He just want to be his own man with his own voice.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Gilbert stated that he will not be an official voice for the NRA because he doesn’t want to tie his views to anyone else.

“I don’t want to draw the line from myself to any other organization to blur the lines with what my moral compass is,” he says. “I’m not quite onboard with everything that some people represent, so I do like to stand alone for that reason.”

The view is incredibly reasonable, especially if Gilbert ever held conflicting views with the organization. He would rather hold to his moral compass than that of an organization that lobbies the federal government to the tune of $50 million annually.

“I think its important for people to know that, hey, I’m not just riding around with more guns than I know what to do with waiting for something to pop off. It is strictly for my safety and the safety of my family. I would like to think that if they’re applauding that content or that rhetoric, I would venture to say that it’s a culturally-based response. They were raised similar and told, hey, if someone comes to harm you or your family, you do what you must to protect yourself and your family.”

He isn’t getting rid of his guns. He just doesn’t want anyone else to make up his mind for him.