Brantley Gilbert Thinks He Could Win a Gold Medal in Diaper Changing, Which We’d Like to See


Not too long ago, Brantley Gilbert and wife Amber introduced their baby son Barrett to a bunch of fans in Georgia. It was definitely the proudest moment Brantley has ever had in his career. And that’s not the only thing he’s proud of these days– he’s also really into his diaper-changing skills.

Brantley recently shared “In the Baby Olympics … I can tell you my wife says I’m pretty quick with a diaper. I’ve changed his first diaper ever, and most of the ones in the hospital. And when I’m at home, I usually get that lucky job.  So I reckon I could get that changed pretty quick. You know, because the dirty ones are like, you gotta get that done in a hurry, you know what I mean?  I’m pretty quick, little quick draw diaper changer dad.”

Barrett Hardy-Clay was born on November 11, 2017 and has been hanging out on the road with mom and dad. Brantley also shared that every day is different with his son, “You know he’s 4 months he’s learning how to do something different every day. You know he’s been rolling around, he’s been grabbing stuff and he’s been smiling and all that for a minute. You just never know what he’s gonna do next. He pulled himself up the other day with my fingers. But he’s stout as an ox, so you just never know what’s next, and it’s all a learning process.”