Apple Music’s New Ad Is A Look At A Day In The Life Of Brantley Gilbert


Brantley Gilbert and Apple Music are an unlikely pair. In fact, Gilbert didn’t even think about doing commercials before the music streaming service approached him. But the resulting two minute, black and white ad became a story, a day in the life, for Gilbert and his friends as they rode down deserted highways to a Gilbert-certified playlist.

It’s like the Sons of Anarchy reformed their reckless ways and decided to see the world, greeting new people along the way.

“When they approached us, I explained it was important that I be true to me. My albums are all chapters of my life. It’s important to be true to your word and who you are; I said, ‘If we can do that, then let’s do this.’ And we went out and had a great time, met some cool people. That folks are reacting like that, well, come on out to the country and see us!”

The ad was shot over two days along Tennessee backroads. “It really wasn’t like work,” said Gilbert. “Getting to ride on the open road, see some of those people, places and highways, it’s everything I love to do. To me, when you’re being real, that’s the best way to chase the music. When you’re doing that, you’re hitting right up in the place where the songs come from.”