Brantley Gilbert Brought His Family Onstage To Celebrate His First Show In Georgia As A Father


Brantley Gilbert’s new “Kind of Crazy” is fatherhood. That’s not to say he’s hopping off the Harley anytime soon, but the man’s greatest joy is his family. To celebrate his first show in his home state of Georgia, Gilbert shared that joy with all of his fans. They loved it. The little guy, well, he was just trying to figure it all out.

Gilbert sat on a stool with an acoustic guitar for a low-key number when he stopped the show. “I want y’all to meet somebody, man,” he said as the crowd began to cheer.

His wife, Amber, came out beaming with their son Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert who wore earmuffs almost bigger than his head to protect his little ears.

You have to watch it for yourself. There’s just nothing like the pride of a parent showing off their child.