Brantley Gilbert’s Wife Amber Isn’t Afraid To Give Her Opinion on His Music


As a singer-songwriter, Brantley Gilbert leans into the hard parts of his life to write music. So, even though he’s happily married and a new dad, he draws from all of his life experiences, which means sometimes he’ll write songs that are inspired by past relationships or experiences.

Brantley recently shared that he lets his wife Amber listen to all of his new music, “She’ll tell me what she likes, or if there’s something that’s not her favorite she’ll tell me. I value her opinion and I know that she knows me, and she knows my music, and she’s my wife.”

And Brantley understands songs written about previous relationships may not be Amber’s favorite. He says, “I feel like if there are songs that aren’t necessarily directly about her ­– and they you know, address some other things, I feel like it’s uncomfortable, like it would be for anybody. But she does a wonderful job of understanding that I am covering a chapter of my life, where the first part of this chapter we were not together. And she does a wonderful job of understanding that and sharing her opinion as unbiased as she possibly can.”

We know Amber likes Brantley’s latest single, “The Ones That Like Me,” which he calls one of the most autobiographical songs on his The Devil Don’t Sleep album.