Brett Eldgredge’s Sexy Cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Rain or Shine” Will Give You Goose Bumps

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One thing you may not know about country artist Brett Eldredge is his deep love for Frank Sinatra and all things jazz.

“I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, riding in the car with my grandpa, and I was just intrigued by it,” Brett told The Boot. “I was able to sound like an older guy at the age of 14. I got noticed for that, and when I went to college in Chicago, [I] got connected with [a] jazz band. I got in with the Bill Pollack Orchestra, where I sang Sinatra stuff and old rock stuff. It was a pretty big deal.”

Over the holidays, Brett revisited those jazz-y roots and gave a beautiful, passionate performance of Frank’s famous hit “Rain or Shine” at  Skull’s Rainbow Room in Nashville’s Printer’s Alley.

Looking incredibly dapper in a black suit and bow tie, Brett’s sexy deep vocals, perfect portrayal of the beautiful lyrics and emotional commitment to the song, left the audience in awe.

We wouldn’t mind hearing more where this came from.

Image Source: YouTube