Brett Eldredge Never Meant to Make Edgar a “Celebrity Dog” But at Least He Doesn’t Have His Own Rider … Yet


You know that old story about some famous band being so particular that they won’t perform unless they have a jar of red M&Ms? Or maybe it was blue. Either way, that’s a rider. When you make a crazy request like that a venue has to agree to it before the show is even booked. The good news is Edgar Eldredge is not a demanding dog.

“He hasn’t gotten his own rider yet with only a certain kind of treat that’s a certain kind of color,” Brett Eldredge told One Country and various other outlets during a recent interview.

“He has his own fans with signs,” Brett added. “There was a giant picture of his head and he was so scared of it. He ran away from it and if you bring it around him he goes in the corner and weeps. He’s not exactly adapted to the fame completely.”

He’s also not entirely thrilled with his dad taking videos of him all the time.

“He has a lot of human personality traits,” Brett said. “You can see his emotions. It’s really funny. Fans relate to him. I never meant to make him a celebrity dog at all. He’s always there with me and people love him.”

It’s those traits that are causing Brett to be a little protective over his pup.

“He doesn’t go to the meet and greets and everybody wants to hang out with him and I only get so much time,” he admitted. “If I bring him to one then people get mad if I don’t bring him to the next. He gets kind of nervous if he has to see a bunch of people at once because he’s a little bit introverted and he’s a little bit extroverted like his dad.”