Brett Eldredge Goes Bar-Hopping And Talks About His Dog With The “Today Show”


The question that we all would love to ask Brett Eldredge is not about his seven consecutive #1 songs. It is not about his one true love, his dog Edgar. The real question we are dying to ask him is, “What bars do you like in Nashville?” Thankfully, the “Today Show” has us covered and followed Eldredge to his top dives and rooftop haunts across downtown Nashville.

Of course, the interview eventually got to his dog and music, but not after Eldredge taught the Today correspondent, Lilliana, how to drink whisky.

I don’t know why her reaction is so severe. Her drink of choice is tequila on the rocks with FOUR limes, which probably ends up tasting like citrus-flavored varnish.

The best part of the whole interview was the intro.

Nashville is a city for families, y’all.