Brett Eldredge Shares His Personal Travel Trips & the One Thing He Can’t Leave Home Without

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Brett Eldredge has been on the road in support of his music for the past eight years so the “Love Someone” singer is well versed when it comes to traveling. In an interview with Travel + Leisure, the Illinois native discusses the things he’s learned when it comes to travel and his advice for those hoping to make the most out of their upcoming vacation.

“What I’ve learned a lot is to embrace wherever you are, no matter if it’s where you planned on going or not,” he tells the publication. “There’s always something new for your eyes to see that you’ve never seen before… just enjoy every moment, no matter what place, no matter what scenery. There’s always a new adventure to check out, and that’s what I live for.”

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Brett recommends to take stops along the way to your final destination. He says there’s always “little hidden gems” on the way to the place you’re going. And it’s often these places that tell the best stories.

The singer says he never leaves for a trip without his journal. Recently, he’s been writing about his experiences in The Five-Minute Journal, which is a gratitude journal.

“I do it every morning and every night and it shows you what to be thankful for and you start your day on a positive note. It asks you questions like, ‘What would make the day great?’ and I’d write, ‘Go on a hike and try to find a view I’ve never seen before,’ and you go with that intention in your mind of going to do that,” he explains.

“At the end of the day, it asks you, ‘What made the day great?,’ and you’d write down, ‘I danced like a goofball on the streets of Key West,’ or ‘I met a funny character at a bar wearing a cowboy hat, and he told me all the crazy things that happened in his life and we shared stories over a drink.’ It makes you appreciate the little things. I literally freak out if I forget to pack it, because I feel like I just need it and I’m missing out on telling myself a story.”

Brett says he often tries to maximize his time in each city while he’s on tour. In doing this, he’ll stay an extra day after a tour stop to hang out, write songs or go off and explore. He’ll share these adventures with fans on social media and says he wants to show everyone the magic of traveling, no matter where it is.

“You can travel an hour outside your town and see something you’ve never seen before, but you just have to allow yourself to do that. A lot about traveling is just going outside of your comfort zone, and going to see something that you normally might not go see. That is such a powerful feeling and that’s why I travel,” he adds.