Brett Eldredge Celebrates Album Release By Filling Potholes?!


Yes, you read that correctly: Brett Eldredge celebrated the release of his self-titled album by filling potholes.

Well, he didn’t personally fill the potholes. However, he did partner with street artist Jim Bachor to create some awesome album art around Nashville.

Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

The pieces include Brett’s name (which happens to the be album title), a portrait of his dog Edgar and “No Stopping You,” a song from the new album.

Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

These first few potholes can be found around Nashville’s Broadway strip, but word on the street is that there will be another coming to Chicago (close to Wrigley) in the near future.

Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

Brett Eldredge is out now.

Brett Eldredge