Brett Eldredge Tells Life Story Through Hilarious “Leave it to Brett” Sitcom


It’s no secret that country music sensation Brett Eldredge loves to sing. I mean, it’s what he’s known for — along with being perfectly goofy, insanely good looking and incredibly kind — but do you know why he loves to sing?

In a hilarious sitcom-inspired spoof called “Leave it to Brett,” the 29-year-old talent shares “stories from his past” that helped shape his love for singing. Whether singing was what helped him get a cookie before dinner when his mom originally said “no,” or impress a pretty girl, or even sell a car, it has always been a passionate release and a helping hand for Brett.

“I learned at an early age that if I started singing, I could get through life a lot easier than speaking,” he explains in the video. “So, I just sing. I sing all the time. I still sing all the time. I love to sing.”

Well, we love to hear you sing.

Wanna know why I love to sing?! Just take a peak at my life story! Go on!

Posted by Brett Eldredge on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Image Source: Facebook