Brett Eldredge’s “The Reason” Is A Smooth Doo-Wop Drunk Dial, An Anthem For The Brokenhearted

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Cracker Barrel has produced a low-key series of live performances from Brett Eldredge that they are slowly releasing online. The most recent release is his performance of “The Reason,” his mournful but bopping drunk dial message to a girl he has done wrong. It is so catchy that even if you will sing along, even if you aren’t trying to call your ex.

The performance has a strong vintage-pop vibe, like if the Rat-Pack were to sing a country song. The lyrics are drenched in whiskey, much like the Rat Pack often was, but maintains an upbeat pace. If you heard the melody, you wouldn’t think it could fit with these lyrics:

Saying the reason I called you drunk/
Is I need your love so bad, so bad it hurts/
Baby, it’s worth saying the reason I stay messed up/
Is I need your love so bad, so bad/

Make no mistake, if someone is singing this song to you they aren’t being smooth and romantic, they’re in a bad spot and need to sober up. This is about as smooth as a drunk dial can get.