Brett Eldredge’s Workout Plan Includes Dog Edgar


Brett Eldredge is gearing up for the second leg of his The Long Way Tour this fall. The trek kicks off Sept. 13 and in a recent interview with GQ, the country singer shares how he stays fit while on the road.

Brett says he burns around 500 calories an hour while on stage every night and to keep up his energy he has an active life while traveling from city to city. In addition to eating right and staying away from carbs, he makes sure to workout at least five times a week.

“Back home in Illinois, I have a trainer—my best friend from college—and he’s amazing,” Brett tells the publication. “We’ll go run five miles with Edgar on country roads, and we’ll do different intervals of sprints. On the road, it can be harder, but I still do a lot of hiking with my dog. Sometimes I’ll find a gym and get a day pass. Or, if we’re in the middle of a desert, we’ll just go crazy and do random stuff—like, we bring parachutes for sprints, and jump ropes, and things like that. I’d say I train roughly five days a week.”

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Wherever you go, I goooooo

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Brett typically works out first thing in the morning and when he’s not near a gym he finds unique ways to exercise. One of his favorite activities is playing dodge ball with his band and crew or initiating a pre-show dance party.

“We’ll play some music—a lot of 80s songs, but everything is fair game—and then everyone showcases their most ridiculous dance moves. You get your blood flowing, you get your adrenaline rolling, and then I’m excited,” he admits. “It makes me not as worried about stuff as I get going on stage. It’s all about having fun. I’m with the band, and we’re all dancing.”

He also adds meditation into his daily routine. It helps him worry less about what’s on his plate and how to juggle everything. He uses several apps to help him practice mindfulness including 10 Percent Happier.

“Mentally, it’s a huge thing to be able to get after it in the gym. Even on days when I don’t feel like I can do it, I remember that being active gives me more energy. It makes me more prepared for my show, which makes me better for everyone around me, too,” he concedes.

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