Brett Young Hits The Beach in Sexy New Video For “Here Tonight”


No one sings about love quite like Brett Young. The 37-year-old is showing us how it’s done in his latest video for “Here Tonight.”

The lead single from his recently released sophomore album, Ticket To L.A., has the 6’6″ hunk singing about staying a little longer in the moment with the woman he loves.

“We can just stay here in this minute / Lose all track of time / Let the world spin on without us for a while / I’m tellin’ you, we’re just one kiss away from heaven / So baby, hold on tight / ‘Cause I want to get wrapped up in your love / So baby, let’s just stay here tonight, tonight,” Brett sings in the chorus.

In the video, the California native goes back to where he’s most comfortable, the beach. As Brett hangs out along the waterfront, dressed in jeans and white button down shirt, he belts out the tune about being in love.

Interspersed with Brett singing, are scenes of a couple getting ready for a night out. As they head out for the evening it begins to rain, and they seek shelter in their car. That’s where things begins to heat up. Turns out, while the car wasn’t their original final destination, they’re just gonna say “here tonight.’

“So baby, let’s just stay here tonight.”