Watch Brett Young’s Dreamy Video For “Mercy”


Fresh off of his three consecutive No. 1 singles “Sleep Without You,” “In Case You Didn’t Know” and “Like I Loved You,” Brett Young is hoping for a fourth with his latest release, “Mercy.”

“Mercy,” written by Brett and Sean McConnell, is a straight up breakup song. Brett croons about having his heart broken, while hoping for mercy as he goes through it.

The California native released a dreamy video to coincide with the single. As Brett sits, dressed in a tux, at a piano in the middle of the dessert, images of him sharing good times with his ex love flash throughout.

“I’m doing my version of acting,” Brett says. “What we wanted to do is just tell the story of a relationship where it’s seemingly good all the time. But just like everybody who’s been in one of those knows, behind the scenes it’s not all the time.

The video, directed by Seth Kupersmith, was filmed over the course of two days. It was shot in both Encino, Calif., and White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

We picked a really, really cool place to shoot and that kind of tells a lot of the story itself. One location is just a house in Los Angeles. The other one is very ethereal and kind of dreamlike,” adds Brett. “The video will flash from her doing something in the house to doing that exact same thing in this other setting. But it’s a very haunting and kind of all too familiar story. [The video] is pretty much the same story that the song tells but with just a little bit of image to attach to it. My buddy Seth has always had such a creative and artistic brain. I got chills when I read his idea for this video for the first time. I’m really excited to share this one with fans!”

In addition, Brett recently proposed to his girlfriend Taylor Mills in early February. No word on when the two will tie the knot.