Brittany Aldean Fights Back Against Bullying— “It’s Never OK”


After seeing a fabricated magazine article about herself and Carrie Underwood, Brittany Aldean isn’t standing for it anymore.

Jason Aldean’s wife has had her share of bad press and bullying throughout her marriage to Jason, but she is using social media to fight back. According to Brittany, who posted an image of the piece on her Instagram story, there was a recent item published saying Carrie Underwood had no interest in being friends with Brittany even after Brittany reached out to Carrie several times.

Brittany posted a video saying the story is not true and then turned her attention to bullying. Whether it’s done by acquaintances, social media trolls or magazines, it’s just not right.

“A lot of crazy things have been written about me over the years and this is just another fabricated story that has come out,” Brittany began her video. “I have never talked to Carrie nor reached out to her although, I’m sure she’s awesome.”

After clearing that up, Brittany then went on to use this as a moment to talk about bullying in any sense.

“Aside from the story, that clearly these people have nothing else to do with their time, I just wanted to bring to light the fact that bullying, in any sense, is never OK. Whether it’s at school, through a magazine, whatever. So I deal with it just like everyone else and I have for a long time. Luckily, I have really thick skin. I just wanted to reach out to you guys and say, ‘we all go through it and it’s unfortunate.’ So if you can just spread light and love, let’s do that.”

We’re with Brittany. Let’s be kind to one another. It’s really not that hard.