Brittany Aldean Shared What It’s Like to Be Married to Country Music Superstar Jason Aldean and It’s Different Than We Thought


Brittany and Jason Aldean have only been married about 2 years, but in touring/road years that’s more like 10 year. The couple is expecting their first baby together in December. And though Brittany is almost always on the road with Jason, she’s totally got her own thing going on.

Brittany recently shared with the Grand Ole Opry that she she and Jason are very different– she’s shy, he’s a superstar. She was all over the place before she met him and he’s been working towards this country music dream most of his life.

For the most part, Brittany shared that she very much wants to be on the road with Jason, she wants to have her own thing going on and not lose confidence in herself.

Brittany also shared some cool facts about Jason, mainly– he’s a really humble guy, “One of the biggest misconceptions of being in a famous family is that we just live this lavish lifestyle, and you just live a certain way. The cool thing is that Jason is the most humble person. Honestly, he keeps me super grounded, and I think I keep him super grounded. We just enjoy the day-to-day normal stuff.”

You can check out Brittany’s hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube.