Brooke Eden’s Single “Daddy’s Money” is Too Good


A year ago, the night before the CMA Awards, I got to meet Brooke Eden. The night we met Brooke performed three songs for a packed crowd and had to follow a small acoustic set from Jason Aldean, but you would’ve thought Aldean was her opener on a sold-out arena tour. She worked the crowd and stage like everyone in the room was there to hear her.

After a fairly successful run on Sirius XM’s The Highway last summer with “American Dreamin’,” Brooke is finally on a radio tour promoting her new single, “Daddy’s Money.”

Don’t let the title fool you, this isn’t a song about a girl born with money. It’s the tale of a girl who has worked for everything she has and then some, much like Brooke. Born in Florida, she started singing with her dad’s cover band around the age of five and never looked back. After graduating from the University of Florida Brooke headed to Nashville to pursue her dream.

Image Source: BBR