Bad News: Ronnie Dunn Says There is No Brooks & Dunn Reunion in the Works

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Sorry, y’all.

Kix Brooks may be featured on Ronnie Dunn‘s new single, and the pair may be performing together in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean they’re calling themselves Brooks & Dunn again.

“Well obviously I guess everyone is going to think now that we have a Ronnie Dunn single featuring Kix Brooks, that there’s an imminent Brooks and Dunn reunion coming,” Dunn says. “Not the case.”

He adds, “We are very comfortable with what we’re doing at Caesar’s right now. We kid amongst ourselves and say that for 20 years, we rode around on buses up and down the highways, and you know, drug a crew of almost 40-50 guys around just to get to a gig like Caesar’s. We’re really happy with where we are.”

Each seem to be quite busy with their current goings on.

“I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to have a record deal with Big Machine and be doing what we’re doing right now,” Dunn continues. “Kix is doing great with his radio show. He enjoys doing the recording process too. So we’re in a good place.”

Although, Dunn does end the thought with hope. “I’ve learned one thing: never to commit to absolutes,” he says with a laugh. “As I just said never.”