Brothers Osborne Have the Same Name, Just Flipped, Because There Was a Football Game On


You can call them the Brothers Osborne, but their Christian names are John Thomas and Thomas John.

Yep. TJ is Thomas John and John is John Thomas. One Country‘s Kelly Sutton caught up with their father, John Thomas Osborne, who explained the repetition.

“That’s because the Philadelphia Eagles were playing the Redskins,” he explains. “And Tricia’s in labor and we hadn’t made the name up yet. She’s going, ‘We gotta get this name. We’ll just name him Thomas John, how about that?’ And I went, ‘Fine.’ We figured we might get a little chance to change it. Well, you know how you procrastinate?”

However, it did cause a little confusion.

“You go to the doctor, when we all had the same doctor,” he adds. “They didn’t know what to do. All of our records were always screwed up. I thought I was going to be circumcised again.”

After this piece of information, the decision to call themselves the Brothers Osborne makes SO much more sense.