11 Hilarious and Sarcastic Tweets Straight From Brothers Osborne


The Brothers Osborne are known for their gritty country music tunes and badass musicianship, but what many people may not know is that they have a wicked sense of humor.

The Brothers are active on social media giving their 129K Twitter followers a reason to stay tuned. From politics and music to country stars and common sense, the Brothers Osborne have it all. Nothing is off limits for these guys and they have an interesting spin on even the most mundane things.

Here are 11 examples of the hilarious and sarcastic sense of humor bestowed on the Brothers Osborne

1. Shooting a music video in the desert – good idea or not?

“Let’s shoot a video in the desert they said. It will look soooo cool they said.

Apparently, it’s hot in a desert in the middle of summer. But that doesn’t matter to Dierks who got literal when shooting the “Burning Man” video.