Brothers Osborne Celebrate the Grammys With Chuckle After Identification Mishap

Brothers Osborne get misidentified at Grammy Awards coverage
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It was a night of celebration and laughs for Brothers Osborne at the February 10 Grammy Awards. Wait. It IS Brothers Osborne, isn’t it?

The dapper duo who is famously known for being misidentified as Old Dominion once again fell victim to the misappropriation of band names as they walked the Grammy red carpet. In fact, it happened twice by the same media outlet. The duo shared a photo on their Twitter page and it appears that Entertainment Tonight identified the pair as Florida Georgia Line. The duo wrote, “At least it wasn’t @olddominion this time. #Grammys.”

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The next picture shows the handsome brothers again, but this time ET ID’d them as Old
Dominion. Brothers Osborne good-naturedly captions the photo: “Good to know they got it right this time @OldDominion #grammys.”

Bros. Os likely didn’t know about the error until after the fact, but even if they did, it isn’t likely they would have made much of a brouhaha about it. They were at the Grammys not just as nominees for Best Country Duo/Group and Best Country Album for Port Saint Joe, but also as music fans.

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John proved that when he was caught by TV cameras as he snapped photos from his seat in the audience. He shared a screenshot on his Instagram page and captioned the photo: “This was NOT taken during @iamcardib ’s set. #Grammys.”

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This was NOT taken during @iamcardib’s set. #Grammys

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If John and T.J. are fazed by slip-ups like this, you would never know. The pair is laser focused on recording great music and delivering remarkable live performances. If you haven’t seen them in concert yet, you have plenty of chances as their 2019 tour season kicks off. Brothers Osborne currently have tour dates listed on their website every week through April.