Untrustworthy Brothers Osborne Made A Very Fake News Site, They Also Released a New Video That is Totally False (Sad!)

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Brothers Osborne are the victims of a hold up at their fictional pawn shop in the video for their latest tune “It Ain’t My Fault.” The perpetrators? Let’s call them the Recent Presidents gang.

The duo collaborated with directors
Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver for the clip that spoofs “Point Break” and its presidential heist. Rather than going with Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter, though, the Brothers are robbed my more recent politicians.

“The media these days is flooded with all things presidential and politics,” says John Osborne. “No matter what happens, politicians, all seem to pin the blame on something else as opposed to being accountable for their own actions. We felt the connection with the song title was perfect.”

His brother TJ adds, “John and I always like song titles that aren’t immediately obvious but are common everyday sayings. We’re all guilty of saying ‘It Ain’t My Fault’ more so than it actually being true. When our co-writer, Lee Thomas Miller, brought up the idea we loved it. We wanted a video that was as exciting as the music.”

Watch to the end to see which president is left holding the bag.


To go along with the release, the Brothers created the
Brothers News Network. It features a few alternative facts, things that are sad! and other bigly items.