Brothers Osborne Share Rare Photo of Jon Pardi Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before


The country music industry is one big happy, yet dysfunctional, family. Country stars are known to hangout together, write together and just plain prank each other. The latest country music prank is pulled off by the fun-loving Brothers Osborne at the expense of Jon Pardi.

The Brothers go back before they had record deals with pal Jon. They even toured with the California native on his All Time High Tour in 2015-2016. So it’s only stands to reason that the guys could have some good ole fashion fun with their pal.

In a rarely seen photo, the Brothers posted an image of Jon Pardi dressed as Cardi B. Now of course we all know Jon wasn’t actually dressed as Cardi B, but the guys did a great photo shop job putting Jon’s face on her body. They captioned the photo “Pardi B.” The nails are a perfect look for Pardi B.

While Jon Pardi has yet to comment on the photo reconstruction, country stars like Darius Rucker and Maren Morris chimed in. “Mighta gotta little Blood on my Loubs,” Maren wrote referring to Louboutin shoes that Cardi B would wear.

Darius just simply laughed, as we all are doing right now.

Brothers Osborne 1, Jon Pardi 0. Your move Jon.