Brothers Osborne Reject “Shoot Me Straight” Video Treatments In Hilarious Clip

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Brothers Osborne are less than amused by the video treatments they’ve been receiving for their new single “Shoot Me Straight” and they let directors Wes Edwards and Ryan Silver know in the hilarious music video for the song.

At the start of the video, TJ and John Osborne are going through treatments from their directors and they’re unimpressed. Some uninspiring ideas include “OO Bros” and “Brothers of the Corn,” the latter of which features girls dancing in a cornfield scantily clad. The duo shoots down each concept.

“Just not our vibe, dude,” John explains.

The directors have one more idea for the duo — “Space Force” which Bros vehemently reject. “As in you’ll have to force us to do that horrible idea?” John laughs.

In fact, he’s not far off. The video team scheme an elaborate plan to create a video whether the band collaborates or not. The nearly five-minute clip includes the directors sneaking backstage during a tour stop and drugging the duo to shoot the video. A cornfield and scantily clad girls are involved.

“This idea genuinely spawned out of us not being able to come to agreement on what we wanted the video to be about,” TJ says in a statement.

“After weeks of back and forth emails, conference calls, treatment pitches, etc., we came to the conclusion that we needed to make a video about, well, not making a video. It turned out to be so damn fun,” John adds.

Dierks Bentley, who the guys are currently traveling with as part of his Mountain High Tour, even makes a cameo. During the video shoot, the brothers are actually knocked out with a blow dart and given chloroform in order to accomplish the filming of the video. Watch the hilarity below.

“Shoot Me Straight” is the latest single off the duo’s sophomore album, Port Saint Joe. The song was written by John and TJ with Lee Thomas Miller.