7 Times We Knew the Brothers Osborne Were the Coolest Duo Around (Before They Won CMA Duo of the Year)

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The most surprising CMA Award win this year wasn’t Carrie Underwood ending Miranda Lambert’s Female Vocalist of the Year streak or Garth Brooks taking home Entertainer of the Year 18 years after his last win– it was Brothers Osborne upending Florida Georgia Line’s run of consecutive Duo of the Year wins.

We weren’t all that surprised by the Brothers Osborne’s big win— we’ve been trying to tell you about them for a while now.

1. The time we interviewed their dad and figured out why John and TJ are so cool and funny.


2. The time they told us about their mom putting her bare feet on Hunter Hayes’ chair at the ACM Awards.


3. The time they told us all the things we can buy at pawn shops.
Stuff like tools, VHS tapes and old Nintendo games.

4. The time it was like a million degrees outside, but they put on a total jam session.

Jeremy Scott

5. The time other time we talked to Papa Osborne.



6. The time they were at CMA Fest and everyone wanted to watch them.
Because they are the best.



7. The time we told you about them way back in 2014.
You should’ve listened to us.