Brothers Osborne’s Dog Ran Away On New Year’s Eve After Startled by Fireworks

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Brothers Osborne dog barley ran away fireworks
Brothers Osborne by Tammie Arroyo/; Barley courtesy Brothers Osborne Twitter

Brothers Osborne had an eventful start to 2019. While in New Zealand with his wife, John Osborne’s dog ran away after being startled by fireworks. The guitarist and his wife, Lucie Silvas, shared their worries on Instagram after finding out the dreaded news.

“This isn’t a great start to the new year but our Barley has run away cause of the fireworks,” Lucie shares. “We are in New Zealand and feel helpless. Our nephew Taylor is frantically out looking for her but if you spot a golden doodle in the east NASHVILLE/Inglewood area please try to grab her and message me. Thank you so much for your help. We are freaking out.”

She also posted an image of their beloved golden doodle, hoping someone would find her. Little did they know Barley was already on her way to TJ’s home.

According to another Instagram post by John, their pet traveled five miles from their home in East Nashville to his brother’s house.

“FOUND!!! She freaked because of fireworks then left my (John’s) house and walked 5 miles/6 hrs to TJ’s. Haha. Unbelievable,” John shares on Brothers Osborne’s Instagram page. “Thank y’all for the kind words. Happy New Year!!!”

Meanwhile, Lucie also shared her relief and admitted that as soon as they return to the U.S. they will be putting a tracking device on Barley.

“Fireworks scare her every year and we couldn’t be there with her this time. Our poor nephew Taylor who was looking after her was frantic,” she writes on Instagram. “We are so so so grateful to our friends and every single person who was looking out for her and posting about her. We feel so lucky to have such caring friends that broke up their New Years celebrations to look for her.”