Kelly Clarkson Made Her Team Battle It To Taylor Swift’s “… Ready for It?” on “The Voice” and WHY?

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Taylor Swift has quite the song catalog throughout six studio album releases and for some reason, Kelly Clarkson chose the least coverable of them all, “…Ready For It?” during the first round of battles on “The Voice” for her team members, Brynn Cartelli and Dylan Hartigan.

“My favorite thing in life is to take a pop song and make it something different, so I want to put this swampy, kind of darker vibe on ‘…Ready For It?’,” Kelly said when explaining her choice.

Call me crazy, but it sounded more Reggae than swampy, right?

Somehow, Brynn and Dylan managed to not implode during the performance. The 14-year-old powerhouse Brynn walked away with her spot on #TeamKelly intact, but Dylan managed to land on #TeamBlake, where hopefully better song selection awaits.