The Cadillac Three Supports Crew With Coronavirus Merchandise

The Cadillac three t shirts for crew during coronavirus
Photo by Dylan Rucker/Big Machine Records

With most artists off that road due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many bands and crews are temporarily out of work. And while some of those who are facing unemployment are finding alternate means of income, The Cadillac Three wanted to make sure they did their part to help their crew pay their bills. And this, you’ve got to see.

The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray made a limited edition t-shirt with their skull logo on the front and the words “Cheers, Beers and Washed Hands” on the back, however, it quickly sold out. More shirts will be available Friday (4/10).

Now, due to popular demand, the trio has now created a limited edition poster with the same artwork reminding fans to “#StayHome.”

Jaren, Neil and Kelby released a united statement saying, “Our band has always been three best friends making music and our crew guys have become a part of that family. We spend most of our time together away from home, but this is truly a time where it isn’t responsible to be out on the road. Creating this STAY HOME poster and shirt is a way we, along with our fans, could impact our small community as many find themselves unable to work. It’s really special to see so many fans helping our dudes who’ve made all of our shows possible.”

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If you follow the fellas on social media, you can see that they are, most definitely, practicing what they preach.

Jaren, a bona fide foodie, wife Evyn and son Jude recently enjoyed delivery from their favorite Mexican restaurant, complete with margaritas.

Kelby and his bride celebrated their anniversary, all wrapped up in…masks.

And Neil? Well, he appears to be keeping a respectable distance even from social media.