Cam and Eric Paslay Pulled an Epic Prank on Brad Paisley

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Country icon Brad Paisley has been touring the country this winter with fellow artists Cam and Eric Paslay and at a recent show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cam and Eric plotted an epic prank against Brad — it was hilarious.

During a song that Cam and Brad usually sing together, a suspiciously manly-looking Cam came out of the shadows and joined Brad on stage.

Singing Brad’s “Whiskey Lullaby,” Eric dressed as Cam, complete with a curly blonde wig and an appropriately yellow ensemble, lip-synched while Cam beautifully harmonized with Brad. After a few minutes of surprising and throwing Brad off his game, the real Cam revealed herself, leaving the audience in stitches.

Well played Cam, well played.

Image Source: Instagram