Cam Seeing Her Dress in a Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Exhibit is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today


I loved Cam before I saw this video, but now I know she’s a perfect human being.

She posted this clip on Instagram and I was crying right along with her.

A dress of hers has been included in an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and they hung it right next to Patsy Cline’s.

“When I first saw my dress in the Country Music Hall of Fame, next to my idol Patsy Cline‘s dress, I couldn’t help but cry,” Cam wrote. “The work we’ve put in, the memories growing up, wishing my Grama was around to see this. Today I got to show the exhibit to my family, and my mom started crying too. Thank you to the @officialcmhof for honoring my music by linking me to the incredible Patsy Cline.”

See her reaction: