Cam’s Acoustic Version of Her New Song “Diane” is Legit


Cam’s new single, “Diane” is a super-fueled, impassioned apology to the wife of man being cheated on.

The studio version of the song is a guitar-heavy, ’70s sounding uptempo tune. The second verse takes on less guitar-heavy moments that lead into a multi-layered, driving beat that sounds a little Mumford and Sons-ish. For me, the song also gives off Adele-ish vibes because of the way producers layer Adele’s voice on her tracks– she sings her own backup vocals and it sounds like what Cam is doing.

With such an acoustic-guitar heavy tune, one would think the actual stripped-down, acoustic version wouldn’t sound much different than the studio version, but think again. Cam’s recent performance of “Diane” on the Bobby Bones Show highlighted the impassioned vocals of Cam and re-enters her into the conversation of what country music (radio) needs more of– strong, talented, outspoken women.