Cam is Embracing Her Curly Hair and Encouraging Women to Own Their Uniqueness


As women we often find ourselves trying to meet impossible beauty standards society places on us.

And one of our favorites– Cam is setting out to remind us that being unique is beautiful, and that we should embrace it. In a new effort with John Frieda, Cam shared, “Most little curly haired girls don’t realize their natural hair is beautiful! My mom used to get made fun of for her curly hair when she was little. I straightened mine all the way through high school, even though it would get all kinky in the back by the end of the day. Bottom line- don’t hide who you are, embrace it. There is more power in that than you will ever know. When you teach a girl she can OWN her hair, she starts making more decisions to OWN who she is. I’m so proud to be a #curlygirl.”

Cam’s even changed her Instagram bio to, “Cam. Curly-haired country music maker from California.”

Last summer, Cam had the curly-haired conversation of our dreams with Nicole Kidman, so we’re embracing it.