Cam Releases Thoughtful New Single and Artful New Video, “Redwood Tree”

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Cam new video song Redwood Tree
Photo by Arroyo-OConnor/

During these times of isolation, many people are deep into their thoughts, considering and prioritizing what is most important in life. Singer-songwriter Cam has tapped into those feelings in her thoughtful new single, “Redwood Tree.”

California, where Cam grew up, is known for its abundance of redwood trees which can live for over 1,000 years and reach heights of more than 350-feet and diameters of over 20-feet. Folklore also says that redwoods possess a mystical power that bring peace and tranquility.

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“I grew up with a redwood tree in my backyard as my climbing tree, spent so many afternoons up there as a kid looking out and dreaming about the future,” Cam explains. “It feels like I’ve lived five lifetimes since then, I’ve done more than I can even remember, but still part of me wishes I could have stayed put, to have that time at home. But you can’t be in two places at once and you couldn’t have known then what you know now. It’s a song about time, and whatever way you spend it still feels like just a blink to a redwood tree.”

A sublime blend of lyrics, melody, arrangement and production, the song seems to combine contradictory feelings of gratitude and regret, joy and mourning, while fully and serenely capturing the passage of time. The companion video for “Redwood Tree” is equally thoughtful and artful as silhouettes of figures representing Cam’s parents throughout their lives, Cam as she makes the journey from home, and now in her own life with her precious baby, Lucy.

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At a time when many are seeking more meaning in art, Cam plants a redwood.