Cam Calls Patsy Cline Her “Biggest Influence”

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Over the past year or so, Cam has become one of my all-time favorite musicians in the business. Not only is she insanely talented, but she’s kind, determined and has incredible character — and no wonder, her biggest musical influence is none other than the esteemed Patsy Cline.

Recently, the 31-year-old singer sat down backstage at the Grand Ole Opry to talk about her musical journey as well as the great impact that Patsy has made on her career

“Often when I’m at the Opry, I think about how Patsy Cline was on stage,” she said. “For me, Patsy is like, untouchable. That becomes the standard for you and that’s what, when you go to make your own music, that’s what’s familiar and what you think is the epitome of musicianship is to be kind of like that person.”

And, I think it’s safe to say she’s doing just that.