Cam Wants It All and We Hope She Gets It

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Cam has a track on her debut LP, Untamed, “Want It All,” that declares:

Bet my life on it
Made my bed, gonna lie on it
Made up my mind that I won’t just get by or get lost in it
I won’t listen to your rumors, I won’t listen to your doubts
Too much ain’t enough, so don’t try to slow me down
Know what? I’m thinking that I want it now
Yeah, it’s alright, alright
Babe, I’ll put my heart on the line

I want it all
Don’t want no rocking-chair regrets
I got that fire and it’s burning in my chest
Gonna keep on living ’til I hear the last call
And I, I, I want it all

The song inside me won’t be turned down
I know I’m making my old self proud
Love without conditions, no inhibitions
I know I’m gonna lose sometimes

And after a recent interview with Rolling Stone, it’s easy to see that Cam is living out that song. After an appearance on “Live With Kelly” where she didn’t sing a radio single (she doesn’t currently have one), Cam addressed the single-focused country music business model, “As things are shifting into the digital space, it’s harder to sell albums, which means there is less money [to be made]. And when that happens, part of the community will respond by being afraid, and they’ll try to make safer records, which won’t sell a bunch but will definitely get on the radio and sell some. But the other part of the community says, ‘Great, I didn’t give a fucking shit about money anyways. I’m trying to make real art.'”

Not totally convinced Cam isn’t one of the one who doesn’t give a (fucking) shit about money– she’s in it for the art.

Cam’s commitment to her art just landed her an opening spot for George Strait’s Las Vegas concert dates in 2017, a couple of CMA nominations, and the respect of fellow songwriters, like one of her heroes, Eric Church— a singer also deeply committed to his art. His perspective has helped shaped Cam’s, “My worst nightmare is to sing a song that isn’t truly me and have it be successful. Then you’re just trapped in a bizarre parallel universe. I care about being commercial, but in the sense that I can reach a lot of people. I’m a very social, optimistic person, and I like people and connecting with them. That part comes naturally.”

And country music’s worst nightmare should be Cam deciding she doesn’t want it all, because that would be a travesty.