Cam’s Performance of “Diane” for James Corden Means It Is Time to Get Serious


Okay, country music fans, it’s time to talk and get serious for a second– if you want “better” and “good” music to come out of Nashville, you have to listen to the “better” and “good” music presented to you. In this specific instance, it’s Cam’s rousing “Diane.”

According to Billboard, “Diane” has already peaked on its Country Airplay Chart, which is just ridiculous. Like, what are we doing? If we can’t be trusted to get this kind of music played on the radio, what can we be trusted with?

Cam’s songwriting abilities, vocal prowess and charm should have already made her the biggest country music star on the planet, but she’s not.

Cam has taken “Diane” to the moon and back, but her most recent performance on “The Late Late Show” was a musical masterpiece and featured a musical break that only Mumford and Sons could’ve pulled off in 2009, or whenever they were super popular.

Come on, country music– quit taking Cam for granted– this performance proves that Cam is doing things no one else in Nashville is doing, we just have to pay a little more attention.