Carly Pearce Releases Sexy New Music Video for “Closer To You” [Watch]


Carly Pearce and Michael Ray have become the source of a bona fide social media obsession. The couple freely talks about their relationship, including their engagement and upcoming wedding, and packs on some of the most precious PDA you can see on the Gram.

But Carly took it up a notch. She invited her celebrity beau to join her in the new music video for her single, “Closer to You.”

The video focuses on Carly in various vignettes and looking utterly gorgeous. She goes from meandering about her upscale apartment in an emerald peignoir to putting the pedal to the metal in her vintage wheels, racing to receive her hunky soon-to-be-hubs, dressed in leather and leopard.

While the romantic tone of the video is obvious, it’s also so tastefully executed that it only further secures our infatuation with this delightful couple as they snuggle in the front seat of the coupe.

The tune has a definite retro vibe thanks to a combination of Carly’s luxe vocal and thoughtful production which is enhanced even further by visual elements in the video. Carly reclines on a chaise reminiscent of the 60s and 70s pop trends, and the speedometer on the car’s dashboard is a far cry from the digital cockpits most of us have or have seen in today’s vehicles.

“Closer to You,” written by the crackerjack team of Hillary Lindsay, Gordon Francis Sampson and Troy Verges, is Carly’s third single, following up the sassy “Hide the Wine,” and the first release from her upcoming sophomore album.